Butterfly Bay moorings
Butterfly Bay moorings
Butterfly Bay
(Butterfly Bay)

Butterfly Bay

Butterfly Bay is located on the north eastern side of Hook Island and is tucked in behind the precipitous northeast face of Mt Sydney. This bay and others (Luncheon Bay, Mantaray Bay, Maureen’s Cove) along this north eastern shore offer some of the best snorkelling the region has to offer. Butterfly Bay is shaped somewhat like a butterfly with one underdeveloped wing. Colonies of butterflies may be found at times in the moist shade of trees along the creek beds.

If approaching from the west,  (ie. from Hayman Island and Stonehaven) use caution negotiating the passage between Hook and Hayman as the reef extends a long way off Hayman. If approaching from the east side of Hook Island, be prepared for strong currents and over falls around Pinnacle Point.

Depth: 6 - 9 metres
Bottom: Mud and coral

The western bay gives the best protection particularly from swell in north-easterlies. The bottom is strewn with coral, which has suffered damage over the years. Reef protection buoys have now been installed. There are seven public moorings inshore of these.

Pick your way along the left side of the reef which is steep-to and have a lookout posted at all times.

- Snorkelling
- Beach fossicking

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