Cid Harbour
Cid Harbour
Cid Harbour, courtesy of Tourism Queensland
(Cid Harbour, courtesy of Tourism Queensland)

Cid Harbour

Cid Harbour is a popular first or last night anchorage due to its close proximity to Hamilton Island. It is the largest all-weather anchorage in the Whitsundays and is formed by Cid Island on the west and Whitsundays Island on the east.

A number of sand beaches line the eastern side of Cid Harbour - Dugong Beach, Sawmill Beach immediately to its south and Joe’s Beach about 3 km further south. Dugong Inlet gets its name from the fact that in earlier times it was frequented by dugongs, marine mammals that graze on sea grasses and which may still occasionally be observed there. There is also a population of rock-wallaby, which are believed to have been isolated from the mainland 10,000 years ago.

Watch out for strong currents and gusts of wind when entering Cid Harbour from the south between Cid Island and Loriard Point. Give the point a good berth

Sawmill Beach
Approach all anchorages with care and be aware of the state of the tide as the beach slopes are fairly gradual.

Dugong Inlet
Approach from Cid Harbour. Stay about 150 metres off the port shore and keep lookout.

Sawmill Beach
Depth: 5 - 8 metres
Bottom: Sand and coral This is the best of Cid Harbour’s anchorages and the beach has an established campsite with tables. A great spot for a picnic!

Dugong Inlet
Depth: 1.5-3 metres
Bottom: Mud & coral
This is a shallow anchorage but one in which the bottom is very soft mud. Very safe in most weather conditions from the NW, N, NE, E and SE.

National Park with picnic table and amenities block. All rubbish must be taken back onboard with you.

- Bushwalk from Sawmill Beach
- to Dugong Inlet
- Turtle watching
- Beach fossicking
- Swimming

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