Resort Swimming Pool courtesy tourism Queensland
Resort Swimming Pool courtesy tourism Queensland
Lindeman Island Resort courtesy of tourism Queensland
(Lindeman Island Resort courtesy of tourism Queensland)

Lindeman Island

Lindeman Island is a large 790 hectare island that is mostly covered by eucalypt forests with patches of rainforest on the northern half and large areas of grassland on its southern half. Around its perimeter the island has numerous wide bays, many with pleasant sandy beaches.

This lush tropical island abounds in natural beauty - both flora and fauna. Most of the island is national park, and there are some marvellous graded walking tracks through vine forests and valleys where butterflies sometimes swarm. The bird life is abundant.

Located on the northern side of Lindeman Island is Australia's only Club Med resort. The attractive central resort complex is a large pavilion with a swimming pool,  9-hole golf course, tennis courts, basketball courts, archery, bars, dining room, boutique stores, watersports on the beach and an entertainment centre. As this is an “all inclusive” resort, the fees to go ashore include all meals and activities.

Tidal currents may reach 2 knots in the passage between Seaforth and Lindeman Islands.  If anchoring in Plantation Bay, stay north of Orion Shoal if coming from the resort side of the island. Anchorages are available on either side of the reef.

Depth: 3 - 6 metres
Bottom: Sand and coral
Plantation Bay
A lovely anchorage with a delightful beach with excellent swimming in the right tide conditions. The jetty is public and may be used for unloading/loading passengers or to tie up the dinghy. A track leads inland from the centre of the beach.

Club Med Resort

Radio Contact
Visiting the resort call "Club Med Lindeman, Club Med Lindeman" when in line of sight on channel 16. They will direct you to another channel.

Full resort amenities may only be used if paying to go ashore.

Dress Regulations:
Neat resort wear.

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