View of Shaw Island courtesy of tourism Queensland
(View of Shaw Island courtesy of tourism Queensland)

Shaw Island

Shaw Island is a large (1659 hectares) volcanic, pink granite island with the third highest hill in the Whitsundays (Shaw Peak is 408 metres). It has skeletal granite soils and is covered with sparse open forest. The island is broken into five blocks separated by narrow saddles. There are deep embayments all around the coast, many with mangroves and extensive sand flats. Many of the bays have well-developed fringing reefs.

Billbob Bay - The tide sweeps around Burning Point at a rate of knots. In fresh winds from the south there may be overalls and eddies. Approaching from Burning Point watch out for Platypus Rock, which is now marked. Look out for bommies off the reef, particularly on the eastern side.

Depth: 4 - 6 metres
Bottom: Sand
Billbob Bay
A nice and secluded anchorage with great beaches. As with all southerly exposed anchorages in the Whitsundays, you are potentially on a lee shore. Not recommended for overnight during trade winds season (from April to August).

Full resort amenities may only be used if paying to go ashore.

There are beautiful beaches particularly on the southern shore line, some of which are nesting sites for turtles

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