Turtle Bay
(Turtle Bay)

Turtle Bay

Located on the southern side of Whitsunday Island, this special bay can only be accessed in winds from a general north, north-east or north-west direction.

Turtle Bay consists of a series of beautiful bays just east of Fitzalan Passage. It is a common first or last night anchorage due to its close proximity to Hamilton Island.

There are no major hazards when entering this bay - just leave about equal distance on both sides. Of ones close to shore the left hand bay tends to offer the best protection.

Depth: 3 - 6 metres
Bottom: Sand and coral
A beautiful anchorage with a waterfall to the left that runs after heavy rains. A lovely white sandy beach and some great snorkelling or scuba diving opportunities with lots of soft corals.


- Beach
- Bush walk
- Snorkelling

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